T-Hybrid-V-I, 1971, color/b&w, 12 min., sound, Kinescope  (2 minute excerpt)



color/b&w, 12 min., sound. Kinescope.

(2minute excerpt)


The Hybrid series of kinescopes derive their title from the juxtaposition of commercial

television content with situational narrative taped material.


T-Hybrid-V-I is a split-screen kinescope in which the input from six or seven different,

black and white, studio-shot tapes is intercut with three-minute sections from daytime

television programming. These were shot from one half of a TV monitor while the other was masked, and original situational footage was edited in to the blank action of the film. The film was then rolled back and the procedure repeated with the other half of the monitor.


Numerical counting sets up the narrative structure of the situational taping: first by a man in Spanish, then a woman in Chinese, then a man in English. While the counting

takes place on one half of the screen, fragments of daytime TV movies are seen on the

opposite side, setting up a dramatic tension between the two visual inputs. This tension is accentuated by the soundtrack, which switches back and forth from one half of the screen to the other, thus deflecting the viewer’s attention from side to side.


The black and white sections of original tape were occasionally tinted by placing corrective color lenses over the kinescope camera so that off-air reception color is combined with flat monochromatic tints.