New York Hook-Up, 1970

Keith Sonnier’s New York Hook-Up, 1970, consists of two microphones, 2 speakers and 1 amplifier, disposed like the set of a rock-and-roll musician or a public address system.


The installation is a sound study, inspired by the early experiments of Guglielmo Marconi. New York Hook-Up creates a sound-scape that plays on itself: the microphones in close proximity to the speakers create an audio feed-back loop, i.e., the generation of an infinity sound wave. When a visitor walks into the space and then comes between the speakers and microphone, the body alters the audial content by pushing the sound waves thereby changing the nature of the sound as well as mixing with the sound which alters the audio experience.


The work was first exhibited in 1970 Whitney Museum for the Annual Exhibition. New York Hook-Up is one of the first works of art in Post-Minimalism to turn sound into a work of art, and it is unique in its nature.