Color Wipe, 1973 (2 minute excerpt)



color, sound  30 min


In color wipe two different studio cameras, handled almost like machine guns are rotated by Tina Girouard and Suzanne Harris. Sonnier is in the other room giving directions, able to see what both cameras are picking up, and punching in between the two images.


Harris and Girouard, on the other hand, can only see what their own camera is getting and not the mix of the two. The studio set up involves literal color blocks - a whole wall covered with color,  organized in relation to the color switches in the control room, the result being almost the reverse of  what is on the wall.


Sonnier plays with both literal electronic switches and wipes - sometimes a literal panel switches over the technological color switch. the panels are also used to create literal wipes while the special effects generator permits vertical and horizontal wipes electronically. There is a strong sense of being within a studio situation. For example, Harris says, I crossed my own wires. Sonnier gives the instruction, in your next round, try and take in the monitor and the camera'. One shot is of the camera focused directly into one another, lens into lens, as Harris and Girouard find and are picked up in each other's positions.